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Back in November 2010 ESA’s six latest astronaut candidates received their diploma’s. From that day on they were officially astronauts. The diploma received only covered Basic Training, there is still a lot more to learn.

Basic training covered space engineering, electrical engineering, different scientific
disciplines and the major systems of the International Space Station and other space vehicles. It included scuba diving to prepare for spacewalks, robotics, survival training, rendezvous and docking, and the Russian language.

Since then the astronauts have had undergone survival training and caving missions. Follow this blog to read about the on-going training from the astronauts themselves: Samantha Cristoforetti from Italy, Alexander Gerst from Germany, Andreas Mogensen from Denmark, Luca Parmitano from Italy, Timothy Peake from the UK and Thomas Pesquet from France.

ESA Astronauts stripping a car for survival items

The ESA Astronauts Class of 2009 during survival training



  • Alessio Sangalli says:

    Hi great reading, I really hope you guys will keep up this blog and spread it on twitter/google plus.

    The insight of the daily life of an astronaut are extremely interesting.

  • Alex Scott says:

    I’ve been a fan of sci-fi, space and Nasa since I was a toddler. If reincarnation exists I’m coming back as a “film-making skateboarding fighter pilot astronaut”. That sort of thinking only exists because of inspiring people like Tim Peake!

    We’re all watching, Tim. Keep us up-to-date πŸ™‚

  • Like a prpfession I desire, I love all astronauts, I pray for their safe trips.
    I need to know more of how they live.
    Please keep me up to date with the latest.

  • Heljo Valter says:

    It will be interesting to know about their Sky Missions.

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