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Trace Gas Orbiter entering orbit around Mars on 19 October 2016 Credit: ESA/ATG medialab

Burn baby, burn! The technology of the Mars Orbit Inser...

This post was contributed by Thomas Ormston, a spacecraft operations engineer here at ESOC, and highlights the science, the engineering, the technology and the incredible teamwork involved in getting ExoMars/TGO captured into orbit around another planet. The...

A happy ExoMars team at ESOC Credit: ESA

#BigBurn complete

Following a 52-min firing of its powerful engine this morning, ESA’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter is on track to arrive at the Red Planet in October. The initial analysis by the flight dynamics experts showed a tiny...

ExoMars/TGO cruise to Mars

The Big Burn: What’s happening 28 July

Deep space manoeuvre – DSM-1 Tomorrow, 28 July, ExoMars/TGO will conduct one of the most critical activities during the voyage to Mars: a very large engine burn in deep space (DSM-1) that starts at 09:30 UTC (11:30...

LISA Pathfinder apogee-raising orbits, prior to departure for SEL1 Credit: ESA

Five down, one to go

Fifth orbit-raising burn has been executed successfully and Lisa Pathfinder is now in a highly elliptical orbit with apogee above 120 000 km.

LISA Pathfinder's Ian Harrison Credit: ESA/K. Siewert - CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

LISA Pathfinder orbit manoeuvres: so far, so good!

Three done, three to go! These updates were sent in by LISA Pathfinder Spacecraft Operations Manager Ian Harrison Monday evening and this morning, reporting on the results of the Nos. 2 and 3 apogee-raising engine burns (referred...

INTEGRAL Picture Of the Month January 2015

Integral manoeuvre update

The performance of the second manoeuvre on 24 January was perfect; we are now exactly where we want to be in terms of orbit.

Update on Planck’s Big Burn

Update from ESA’s Steve Foley at ESOC, the Spacecraft Operations Manager for Planck. We started the large manoeuvre last night at 23:00 local and watched as the 20N thrusters started up and began to push Planck ever further from her parking position at SEL2. The manoeuvre will take nearly two days as we only fire for a few seconds every minute as we spin around the principle axis at 1 rpm. We checked early this morning on Estrack Malargüe and the burn was on-going, on schedule with all systems nominal. We had used around 20kg of fuel during the night and had achieved a little more than 20% of the required delta-V....