The real thing. #spacerocks patch in space. Credits: ESA/NASA

The real thing. #spacerocks patch in space. Credits: ESA/NASA

Hello all!

Tim’s #Spacerocks competition came to an exciting conclusion just before he returned to Earth in June, after generating massive awareness in ESA’s Principia mission.

Watch out in the next weeks for news of when your prizes, the much coveted #Spacerocks patches, will be mailed out. At the moment they are still in space and will be returned to Earth on an unmanned supply ship later this summer along with Tim’s own personal kit.

Here are the last 15 skilful and knowledgeable winners.

  • LucySAllen, UK
  • vanellope988, Spain
  • mrstanleytwit, UK
  • colmanweb, UK
  • 30Century_Man, USA
  • amydowse, UK
  • MarieJGross, France
  • SaraAlDisi, Qatar
  • Superproprep, UK
  • chrissiemcd, UK
  • 107Beth, UK
  • jakenicholf1498, UK
  • _ellehhh, UK
  • UlrichBeinert
  • LawtonRH96

Meanwhile, you can now hear the complete list of 75 songs on Tim’s #spacerocks playlist, as well as more of his favourites, on ESA’s Spotify channel.

We congratulate the winners and thank all who took part. If you didn’t win, but tweeted, please console yourselves in the knowledge that you did make a difference and helped support Tim’s mission.

We can now thank all of Tim’s special ‘back-up crew’, the singers, musicians and bands who have all given their time and shown their support for ESA and his Principia mission, as well as their management and communications teams who worked behind the scenes to help. Tim appreciated it very much.

For the final 15 #spacerocks tracks, we thank: KT Tunstall, Tasmin Archer, Peter Gabriel, Martin Fry and ABC, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Sir Elton John, The Enemy, Sting and The Police, The Proclaimers, Soft Cell, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Robbie Williams, Spandau Ballet and Keane.

Special thanks to: Charlotte Butler at KT Tunstall Music; Mike Large and York Tillyer at Real World; John Glover; Jonathan Kessler, Alex Pollock and Daniel Barassi; Wendy Laister of Magus Entertainment and Katy Krassner; Beth Harrold at Rocket Entertainment; Tracy Bufferd and Nicole and Meghan at KS Management; Kenny MacDonald of Braw Music; Andy McCluskey, Paul Humphreys and Ed MacDonald; Michael Loney, Angelica Bergese and David Enthoven at IE Music Ltd; Angus Murray and Beth Warren at Everybody’s and Chris Salmon at Soundcontent.

And finally, a huge thank you from Tim to Ilan Eshkeri and Ian Neil, without whom this competition wouldn’t have been possible.