We received this nice song for Tim Peake and the Principia mission. 

The composer and singer explains:

I am Russian, a journalist, working in London. Singing is my passion.

I record lullabies in various languages to promote culture, friendship and tolerance. This is my website: www.lullabiesconnect.com

This year I also started recording original lullabies in English and did a few tribute songs including for the Christening of Princess Charlotte.

I watched the launch last week with the first British astronaut joining Russian and American astronauts at the International Space Station and felt very proud. Inspired by the event, I wrote down the lyrics after reading up about the Principia mission. A friend and a musician, Arthur Logins (on the guitar), helped record it over the weekend.

I was thinking of the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, and his legacy. The International Space Station is a great project and this is a great news story: people of different nations coming together for a great common cause. As a former teacher, I also liked its educational aspect and referenced it in the song.  I hope it reaches the the Space Station crew and helps them celebrate the New Year. I understand Tim Peak has a music project of his own, SpaceRocks.

Nothing connects people better than music for this is a truly universal language. Perhaps it will travel through space and will reach  civilizations out there:)

Thanks Lyubov for the great song and inspiring thoughts behind it!