On flight day 7, Tuesday, ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen drove his second rover from space for the Supvis-E experiment. The video below shows how it went. Read more on the ESA website.

Remote control of robots are an important part of future space travel to the moon, to an asteroid or Mars. This allows astronauts to work safely and efficiently even in dangerous and inaccessible areas, whether they are in orbit, on a base or on Earth.

Revealing the winning drawing. Credits: ESA

Revealing the winning drawing. Credits: ESA

At the same time Andreas announced the five winners of the national drawing competition “Draw an astronaut.” Eurobot, located at ESTEC in Noordwijk, was controlled by Andreas to reveal one winner while working on an experiment protocol!

School pupils (4-10 years old) from across Denmark drew an astronaut in different situations. Among the drawings were an astronaut training in a space centre on Earth, the launch of the Russian Soyuz rocket, docking to the Space Station, returning home and landing.

From the many drawings, Andreas selected five winners:

Karla (9 years old), Jeppe (8 years old), Victoria, Nicki and Mathias.

Victoria’s drawing was revealed by Eurobot. All five winners will receive their drawings with Andreas Mogensen’s autograph.