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How to survive confinement – tips from a ‘marsonaut’

In these times of confinement, ESA astronaut support engineer Romain Charles shares nine tips on how to live in isolation – he spent 520 days locked in a mockup spacecraft and is a true expert on the subject. Mars500 locked six ‘marsonauts’ in a simulated spaceship near Moscow, Russia for 520 days, the time it […]

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At home with ESA

Efforts are underway around the world to stop the spread of coronavirus, which means many of us are confined to our homes. We're unable to visit loved ones and in some cases, unable to go outside at all. Not being able to go about our normal daily lives, coupled with the risk of contracting this new and highly contagious virus, brings up all kinds of emotions. So we asked astronauts and experts who have experienced long periods of isolation or quarantine for their tips to help us through.

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Luca Parmitano

A chance in the shadow

Adrianos Golemis is an ESA flight surgeon based at the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany. He spent nine months in isolation at Concordia research station and three weeks in quarantine with ESA astronaut Luca Parmitano. He is currently working at a hospital in Thessaloniki, Greece. In this first post of a two-part blog series he gives his tips for life in isolation.

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