ESA is opening an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to carry out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Green Electronics for Space. 

LCA is a formal, standardized method to identify and assess the environmental impact of a product or service. 

The LCA studies previously performed by ESA looked at both spacecraft, launchers and ground segment. Specific requirements have recently been included for different ESA projects, such as Ariane 6, Earth Explorer 9 and the Generic Platform of the Copernicus missions. 

Electronics have been identified as one of the major environmental hotspots of ESA’s missions. Alternative manufacturing processes for space electronics are currently under development (e.g printed electronics). However, the environmental impacts of these techniques have not yet been assessed. 

Therefore ESA has issued an ITT to analyse the different possibilities and to demonstrate the effectiveness of mitigation actions through the Life Cycle Assessment. Moreover, the use of Critical Raw Materials (CRM) and REACH listed substances will also be investigated and mitigation options identified and assessed.

This activity encompasses the following tasks:

  • To identify the main elements of space electronics and map manufacturing processes and materials used
  • To identify alternative processes and materials for the manufacturing of PCBs and to assess Green Electronics approaches used in Ground applications. REACH listed substances and CRM shall also to be identified and mitigation actions proposed
  • To compare LCA results of current designs, manufacturing processes and materials with the ones of identified alternatives.- Select promising solutions and develop a proof of concept to be tested
  • To elaborate a roadmap for the development of green electronics

This ITT’s closing date is the 30 September 2020 at 13:00. 

For more information about the ITT, please visit the EMITS website.

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