This blog is operated by the European Space Agency (ESA) as an informal source of additional information for anyone interested in Clean Space activities.

ESA has long been committed to maintaining the highest environmental standards for European citizens. Through Clean Space, ESA is pioneering an eco-friendly approach to space activities. On the ground that means adopting greener industrial materials, processes and technologies. In space it means preserving Earth’s orbital environment as a safe zone free of debris.

This blog is updated by Clean Space team members. We will certainly do our best to get you the latest information on EcoDesign for space activities, technologies for Space Debris Mitigation (SDM) and Active Debris Removal (ADR). 




Nonetheless, the blog is provided strictly on a best-effort basis and ESA makes no warranty that the information, news, comments or opinions published in this blog are confirmed, accurate, official or in any way reflect the formal policies of the European Space Agency or our partners.

For the latest confirmed information relating to any ESA activity, please access the main ESA Web portal. For background information and official news relating to Clean Space, please visit our Clean Space website.

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