On Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 15:00 CEST, join the ESA Clean Space team live to understand the Agency’s overview on ‘Design for Demise’. We will share with you the rational behind the design for demise, the concept and the techniques, the current status of the technology development activities and the future vision. 

Clean Space aims to turn challenges into an opportunity, giving a proactive answer to the environmental challenges both on Earth and in space.

Design for Demise is an attractive solution to reduce the on-ground casualty risk resulting from the uncontrolled re-entry of a spacecraft. However, it is a recent concept, therefore important knowledge gaps still exist.

Furthermore understanding how a spacecraft breaks up during re-entry is extremely complex. Indeed, the satellite and its equipments face extreme thermo-mechanical conditions during their reentry.

To reduce the risks posed by satellites re-entering the atmosphere, international guidelines and standards have defined a maximum acceptable risk for uncontrolled re-entering objects.

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