Cleaner space is safer space.

ESA invites space actors to join us in building a cleaner space at the next edition of our Clean Space Industrial Days, featuring three days of in-depth discussion on the following topics:

  • EcoDesign for space

These sessions will cover environmental impacts of space missions, Life Cycle Assessment and eco-design for space as well as REACH-free and obsolescence risk solutions.

  • Technologies for Space Debris Mitigation

This part will cover the CleanSat approach to SDM as well as all related technology developments to passivate satellites and prevent their in-orbit break-ups, deorbit technologies (including passive technologies, semi-controlled reentry and controlled reentry and autonomous deorbit systems) and Design for Demise.

On top of this, this year the team wants to look at dedicated solutions for small satellites. In addition, special attention will be given to End-of-Life Reliability and Design for Removal with dedicated interactive sessions.

  • Active Debris Removal and Space Servicing Vehicles (SSV)

These sessions will include system activities from ADR to in-orbit servicing, the technologies enabling these services together with those necessary for rendezvous and capture, and a workshop on guidelines for close proximity operations.

The team invites you to raise your interest in making a presentation by submitting a short abstract directly on the event website.

Clean Space also welcomes your questions on potential presentation. Do not hesitate to interact with us via email or on twitter.

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