We have the spacerocks patches ready for shipment

image1Delivered by none-other than Tim Peake himself in his luggage from Houston,USA, and handed over during his post-flight tour, we now have the 76 patches that flew to space and returned on SpaceX-9.


We will be sending them out in the next few weeks (but before the start of the next ESA astronaut mission, Thomas Pesquet‘s Proxima, for sure).

The winners were announced in previous #spacerocks posts and contacted individually. These spacerocks patches have flown in space and are extremely limited so are not for sale. Find out how to buy Principia patches and more in this exhaustive blog post.



  • Ian Galloway says:

    Hi, so who gets one? Cheers, Ian

  • Marco Carrara says:

    I reAlly wosh to nave one of them. IT will be my first space gadget

  • Lynda Coles says:

    Oh how I wanted one of these but never could get my answers in quick enough. congratualtions to those who won one.

  • If you have got any to spare, I would love one!

  • Nicola Bennett says:

    My 5 year old daughter Sophie would LOVE one of these!!!! She loves Tim’s book Goodnight Spaceman and is so curious about space already, asking questions like “Are there rocks up there (in space) mummy?” and “What happens to a shooting star once it’s here, can we keep it?” She has watched a vid of Neil and Buzz’s first steps on the moon and “Miss Mouse” in the ISS and loves hearing all about astronauts and missions. A message or badge from a real one like him would make her year❤ If you can send her one I would be eternally grateful, thank you! X

  • Delia Hoyle says:

    I would love a badge for my boys space suit if any spare. Thank you

  • Karl Marriott says:

    I would love one to please if any spare.kind regards.

  • Paul says:

    I would love the opportunity to get hold of one of these for my son and his school class. Have they already been allocated or is there a way that I could win one please? Thank you

  • BS says:

    No spares I’m afraid – all 76 were allocated during the #SpaceRocks competition while Tim was in space.

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