SpaceRocks patch

SpaceRocks patch

Hello all! We’re up to #spacerocks.60 and still generating massive awareness in ESA’s Principia mission. Here are the skilful and knowledgeable winners from the last 15 tweets. Watch out in the next two weeks, because we’re into the final leg of Tim’s #spacerocks competition, and we’ll be rocking all the way back to Earth on 18 June!

  • Darren Steele, Northern Ireland
  • Lewis Gilbert, UK
  • @Chr12t0pher
  • Guillaume Leclrcq, France
  • Laura, England
  • Eloy Ribera, Spain
  • Christopher Freeze, USA
  • Damien Weatherley, UK
  • Daniel Samuels, UK
  • Mark Read, UK
  • Belen Barbed, UK
  • Lukas Macak, Czech Republic
  • Amie McDonald, UK
  • Rebecca Shields, UK
  • Janine Watson, UK
  • Rugby Pandas, UK
  • Ryan French, UK

You can now hear the 60 songs played so far from Tim’s #spacerocks playlist, as well as more of his favourites, on ESA’s Spotify channel.

As always, Tim passes on his thanks and appreciation for his special ‘back-up crew’, the singers, musicians and bands, who have all given their time and shown their support for ESA and Tim’s mission, as well as their management and communications teams who’ve worked behind the scenes to help.

For the fourth bunch of 15 #spacerocks tracks, we thank: The Who, The Sound of Guns, Radiohead, Emile Sande, Bush, The Verve, Coldplay, Tears For Fears, Sonique, Madness, Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Savage Garden, One Direction and Dido.

Special thanks to: Robert Rosenberg; Colin and Jonny Greenwood; Jay and Melissa at RocNation; Fitzjoy Hellin; Phil Harvey; Charlotte Butler and Sonia Clarke; Tony Murphy of Hannah Management and Hugh Gadsdon of Barbera Music; Darren Hayes and Consetta at Parker Publicity; Modest Management; and Craig and all at Logan Media. Thanks to Ilan Eshkeri and Ian Neil.

There are now less than 15 #spacepatches to play for – so the pace is picking up now for the last ones, but keep following and you never know!