Thanks for #GoodLuckTim

The support for Tim Peake during his launch to the International Space Station was overwhelming, with literally thousands of messages and photos from all over the world. Tim is very busy in space and is looking at the messages when he can but there are too many to reply to individually. He asked us to publish this message:

“The support for our launch was outstanding, and I want to thank each of you for the #GoodLuckTim messages. From the schoolchildren who watched the launch in class, people watching on the underground, and viewers outside of UK, your messages have shown how much interest there is in space and they mean a great deal to me. A big thank you to those who attended launch celebrations up and down the country and especially the school kids who attended the event at the Science Museum. We are very busy up here but I promise to start sharing more of our life in space soon.”

Here is a small selection of messages taken from Instagram and Twitter:



  #Dogvent day 15: #principia #goodlucktim   A photo posted by Louie Stowell (@louiestowell) on

Excited children watching #timpeake’s launch! #principia #britinspace #goodlucktim #blastoff A photo posted by Eureka! Museum (@eurekamuseum) on

The real reason why I’m in Belfast today: #Principia #goodlucktim

A photo posted by @bendickson on

#goodlucktim #timpeake #rocketlaunch

A photo posted by Vikki Bovill (@mrsbovill) on



  • Being a Brit myself, I cannot tell you just how proud I feel. I look forward to your broadcasts and tweets with bated breath!

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your journey. Much love from New Zealand xo

  • marlene hargreaves says:

    Well done Tim and colleagues..such a fantastic journey..such brave explorers.I enjoy your tweets,pictures and news.Stay safe and God Bless.Amazing.

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