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Artistic tributes to the Rosetta mission

Over the past two years, Rosetta has approached, reached and followed Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, collecting unprecedented images and other scientific data and dropping the Philae lander on to its surface to perform in-situ measurements. While communicating the mission’s...


Wake-up day – 1: The countdown has begun! Errr… right. There is no countdown in this case. But if there was, it would have begun by now! And here’s another fabulous Twitter art posting via @kpcuk! T-1 #WakeUpRosetta @esa ▒\▒\|▓▓░|x/▒//▒//▒//▒ ▒\▒\|▓░░ |x/▒//▒//▒//▒ |▓▒|▒| , –」 ̄ \ /|` `. \. \ " – – ´ — Katya ¯\_(ツ̲̅)_/¯ (@kpcuk) January 19, 2014 Oh yes… Rosetta’s still asleep! still sleeping — ESA Rosetta Mission (@ESA_Rosetta) December 3, 2013

Super Rosetta Twitter art!

Thank you, @kpcuk! @esaoperations ○ l▓l▓l▓l▓l▓lx/||▒|||]xl▓l▓l▓l▓l▓I l▓l▓l▓l▓l▓lx/|\|▒|\xl▓l▓l▓l▓l▓I / — Katya ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@kpcuk) December 10, 2013