Naming Site J – Update


Philae’s landing site on comet 67P/C-G.

We’re one step closer to knowing the name of Philae’s landing site.

By the time the competition closed, we had received more than 8000 proposals for a new name for the location, currently known as Site J. A huge big THANK YOU to all of you who participated for sharing your creativity and good will with us!

Between now and next Wednesday, the list of proposals will be whittled down to a shortlist of 30 and this will be presented to the Philae Steering Committee. They will have the onerous task of choosing the best name for Philae’s landing site.

The winner will be announced on 3 November. The competition is being run and coordinated by ESA, DLR, CNES and ASI. Entries sent to any of these agencies will be considered together, with one winner selected to attend the landing event at the Mission Control Centre in Darmstadt, Germany on 12 November.



  • Dan Owen says:

    Will the shortlist of 30 naming proposals be made public, before or after the announcement of the winner on 3 November?

  • ICTINOS says:

    is what thirty shortlist will be notified or announced ???

  • emily says:

    Hi both, no, we will just announce the overall winner next week.

  • Flo. T. says:


    When will the announcement took place today?

  • Mat says:

    So who is the winner? it’s bit late…

  • Marianne says:

    Please consider listing the top 10 entry names for the landing site.

  • Čikić Nenad says:

    I would prefer something more open. Suggestion for next comet landing: ESA chooses 25 names, people voting on web chooses 5 and on that list of 30, popular web voting is held.


  • emily says:

    The announcement will be made today instead; the jury needed a little more time to consider the winner because there were so many entries.

  • Brian Rasmussen says:

    Is there a set time for the announcement?

  • Peter Leeves says:

    Any news on a winner yet? There’s over 8000 excited entrants waiting lol.

  • Claudia says:

    Hi all,
    Please have a look at our latest post with the new name announcement [spoiler alert in the url!] –>

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