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LISA Pathfinder's Ian Harrison Credit: ESA/K. Siewert - CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

LISA Pathfinder orbit manoeuvres: so far, so good!

Three done, three to go! These updates were sent in by LISA Pathfinder Spacecraft Operations Manager Ian Harrison Monday evening and this morning, reporting on the results of the Nos. 2 and 3 apogee-raising engine burns (referred...


Rosetta’s Main Burn

A great overview from ESATV on activities at ESOC during the first of Rosetta’s three Big Burns, which took place on 21 May.

Update on Planck’s Big Burn

Update from ESA’s Steve Foley at ESOC, the Spacecraft Operations Manager for Planck. We started the large manoeuvre last night at 23:00 local and watched as the 20N thrusters started up and began to push Planck ever further from her parking position at SEL2. The manoeuvre will take nearly two days as we only fire for a few seconds every minute as we spin around the principle axis at 1 rpm. We checked early this morning on Estrack Malargüe and the burn was on-going, on schedule with all systems nominal. We had used around 20kg of fuel during the night and had achieved a little more than 20% of the required delta-V....