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IXV tracking & recovery ship

The tracking and recovery ship, Nos Aries, is now in the Pacific Ocean getting ready for this week’s crucial IXV mission.

IXV mission profile Credit: ESA/J. Huart

Update at 18:59 CET

Report from Flight Operations Director Gerhard Billig on today’s simulation for next week’s IXV mission. We are simulating the full mission until end of splashdown today; so far TM has been received from Libreville and Malindi...

Preparing for IXV: teams at work

Some nice snaps of ESA & ASI teams at work today spread half-way around the world! Engineers in Kenya, Gabon, Italy and on the Pacific preparing for next week’s IXV #100minutemission.

IXV tracking: Africa & the Pacific

The #100MinuteMission: getting ready for space! The core capability to fly IXV comes from expertise contributed by European industry and institutes, the Agency’s launchers team and the IXV project office. “In addition, an extraordinary team of engineers...