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Yesterday’s Integral thruster burn went well

Update from Jutta Hübner, Integral Spacecraft Operations Engineer here at ESOC. The third manoeuvre of the Integral de-orbiting campaign was successfully completed at 16:30 CET, 4 February. Integral is now back under ‘wheel control’ (meaning its orientation...

INTEGRAL Picture Of the Month January 2015

Integral manoeuvre update

The performance of the second manoeuvre on 24 January was perfect; we are now exactly where we want to be in terms of orbit.

Integral: The Big Burn

Integral is conducting thruster burns to optimise its scientific life while ensuring a safe re-entry in the 2029.

The best spot for space astronomy

Editor’s note: Today’s post was contributed by Markus Landgraf from the Mission Analysis Section at ESA’s ESOC establishment, Darmstadt, Germany. It highlights the detailed assessment of options, scientific and practical factors that must be taken into account before any mission can be flown. If we are to explore not only our solar system, but also the cosmos in more general, we have to rely on telescopes to collect starlight. For most applications this is most efficiently done outside the Earth’s atmosphere and thus follows the need for installation and operation of space telescopes. Globally speaking Europe leads astronomy research, not only due to our history, but also due to the missions currently...