ATV in numbers

ATV infographic

ATV infographic

Another great recap of the five ATV missions from France’s space agency CNES… in numbers. This infographic in French gives an impression of the scale of running a spacecraft programme, below is a rough translation, without the references to Star Wars. The full PDF can be downloaded here.

  • 300 hours of simulation each mission.
  • 375 gigabytes of telemetry received.
  • 150 000 commands sent
  • 1 500 000 ligns of code
  • 31 astronauts worked on ATV in space
  • 500 people worked at ATV Control Centre
  • 14 400 orbits of Earth
  • 14 km of cables for the control centre
  • 15 terabytes of data for the five mission
  • 1000 computers used, 700 in Toulouse, France
  • 4 debris avoidance manoeuvres performed
  • 35 tonnes of cargo transported
  • 213 manoeuvres executed, each calculated up to 20 times beforehand

The second page is similar to what inspired our “Do you speak ATV?” feature.


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