Watch the replay of the webinar ‘Cubesats in the context of Space Debris’.

On March 15th , ESA’s CleanSpace team hosted the webinar with the support of the Concurrent Design Facility to:

  • Introduce the problem of space debris to the European CubeSat community;
  • Present the Space Debris Mitigation (SDM) guidelines and their implications for CubeSats;
  • Discuss technologies potentially enabling compliance and market opportunities;
  • Open channels of communication between Clean Space and the European CubeSat community for a better mutual understanding of practices.

Njord Eggen, from Clean Space, started the talk with a short introduction of the problem, addressing the mitigation guidelines that have emerged to tackle these issues.

N. Eggen a few seconds before the launch of the webinar ‘CubeSats in the context of space debris’

A global effort is the only solution to mitigate space debris. So, operators of satellites both large and small have to come together.

ESA presented ways for CubeSat operators to follow debris guidelines, focused especially on Post Mission Disposal (PMD) and passivation of stored energy.

The presentation is available here:

Clean Space invites the CubeSat community to join the ‘CubeSat Industry Days‘ (4-6  June 2019). Attendees will talk about space debris, along with other topics.