On the 1st of March, ESA wants to inform the space industry of the Service Oriented Approach (SOR) for In-orbit Servicing/Debris Removal.

Timeline: From Service Offer Request to the Service Contract

Through the SOR, ESA is requesting European and Canadian industry to remove one or more ESA object(s) whilst also demonstrating, in-orbit, functionalities required for a future service that industry foresees based on the market needs.

In September 2018, ESA released a Request for Information (RFI) ‘Request for an Outline Concept for the removal of an ESA-owned satellite to demonstrate commercial in-orbit services’. Based on the proposals received, six companies were selected for the Service Offer Request.

Timeline: from Request for Information to Space19+

The Service Offer Requirements are:

  1. Remove from orbit ESA-owned object(s) with a total mass greater than 100 kg no later than end 2025 (‘initial Service’)
  2. Demonstrate, in orbit, feasibility of critical technologies enabling other (commercial) in-orbit servicing opportunities
  3. Provide a robust business model for in-orbit servicing activities beyond the Service to be provided to ESA
  4. Comply to space debris mitigation requirements

In-orbit servicing

The potential capabilities required for this mission type are:

  • Rendezvous and capture of an uncooperative unmanned ESA satellite
  • Disposal / deorbiting of a non-operational satellite
  • Rendezvous and capture of a cooperative spacecraft
  • Tugging, refueling, inspection or some other potential services to be defined by the participants in the SOR

As the approach required by the Service Offer Request is innovative, ESA invites European and Canadian industry to join a webinar on the 1st of March. The organisers will explain the process and the participating companies will have the opportunity to detail their capabilities to the six companies which have been invited to respond to the SOR.


When is it?

On the 1st of March from 14:00 to 16:00 CET

Where does it take place?

Online, you will receive a link a few days before to connect to the webinar.

How do I register?

Please register by sending an email to cleanspace@esa.int by the 22ndof February with the following information:

  • Full name,
  • Company,
  • Country,
  • Phone Number

Is the webinar open to everyone?

The webinar is open to representatives from the ESA Member States space industry.