The ESA Clean Space Office wants to check the interest for a Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-design for Space Missions course to be organised in one of the ESA establishments for externals in 2018. Location, time and fee is to be confirmed based on your response!

First EcoDesign for space missions training at ESA-ESTEC

Eco-design, methods for sustainable designs, and specifically LCA, are increasingly included in the design of European space missions. There is a tendency to include requirements for LCA studies in ESA contracts to industry. For this reason we wish to prepare industry for this incoming change by offering this course. This course would introduce:

  • Main principles of LCA and life-cycle thinking
  • Specificities of LCA applied to the space sector
  • How can sustainability be implemented in space missions, and what has been done on the topic of sustainability in the European space sector.

Life-Cycle of a space mission

The course will contain both theory and practical exercises, and duration will be 2 days.

The price of the course is expected to be approximately 1000 EUR per participant (if held in an ESA premises), including course fee and administration, but not including travel, food or accommodation. Tentatively, the course would be before summer of 2018. This is to be determined based on the interest.

The course has not been issued yet as at minimum we will need 10 participants confirmations to run it. Therefore, we would appreciate the confirmation via email of your interest on the course if this is the case. 

Please send an email to to announce your interest.

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