Last June, we launched the Clean Space interactive story during the Air & Space Show Le Bourget.

Following the warm welcome received, we have created a set of four videos, using the same style. These videos have been just released on the ESA YouTube Channel and we warmly recommend you to watch them.

In less of 5 minutes (in total), clean space challenges and solutions are presented.

Space… clean and untouched?

The ESA’s Clean Space initiative works hard to keep space safe and clean for future generations. Its three main objectives are presented in this video.

How much do space activities pollute?

ESA’s Clean Space initiative is investigating ways to reduce the environmental impacts of space missions to make space cleaner.

How to build a satellite that will not end up as dangerous debris?

ESA’s Clean Space initiative has started investigating technologies to make future satellites ’clean’. In other words, ensuring they will not end up as additional items of space debris.

How do we take space debris out of orbit?

Don’t be scared of space debris. ESA’s Clean Space initiative is carrying out preparatory activities to build a test mission to take a single, large and heavy item of debris out of orbit.

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