Hello everyone and welcome to our clean space blog!

ESA’s Clean Space initiative is run by a group of highly motivated space professionals who believe that we should try to limit the environmental impacts of all our activities, both on earth and in space.

We are strong supporters of all space activities but we also believe that a fresh look on how we carry out our work might help in reducing even further the footprint of the space industry.

This apparently simple idea has led Clean Space in turn to dozens of different technical activities and actions so far, from methods of measuring environmental impacts to novel planning and design tools, new modes of manufacturing to more efficient satellite systems, building blocks to remove satellites from orbit at their end of life to missions to remove entire derelict spacecraft from space.

As Clean Space we would like to share our knowledge, our breakthroughs and our passion. That’s what we aim to do with this blog – and we invite you to join us.

We hope you will enjoy it!

2013.12 clean space group - 1st anniversary