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Interactive book on ATV Control Centre

Our friends at France’s space agency CNES have published an excellent interactive book on ATV seen through the eyes of the ATV Control Centre. From the first signatures in 1995 to the last command sent, the web documentary covers five … Continue reading

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Shining light on ATV

Matt Quail asked us a question via Twitter to @esaoperations based on last week’s ATV fuel consumption article: @esaoperations do you need the yaw manoeuvres because the solar panels are fixed, and you need to be nose-to-Sun the whole time? … Continue reading

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ATV-4 re-entry animation

Many thanks to Vladimir Jankijevic, in Zurich, who sent in a neat animation made by stitching together the re-entry images we posted yesterday. Vladimir wrote: ESA’s fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle, Albert Einstein, burnt up on 2 November at 12:04 GMT … Continue reading

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ATV-4 reentry pictures

The ATV-4 reentry pictures arrived today and they are well worth the wait:

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ATV-4 reentry competition winners

After careful deliberation, we have chosen the winners for our re-entry competition: which ATV is seen in the film Gravity and what does the frog symbolise? Thanks to all for sending in your answers, we definitely enjoyed reading them and … Continue reading

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Empty ATV control room

For the first time since June nobody is ‘on console’ at the ATV Control Centre. An empty room can only mean the end of a mission. Congratulations ATV team!  

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ATV-4 mission complete!

The Albert Einstein mission came to and end at 13:04 CET! I just spoke with Mission Director Kris Capelle, who says that the entire ESA/CNES team here at ATV-CC are sad that the mission’s over, happy to have overseen such … Continue reading

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Expected loss of contact

Teams at ATV-CC forecast that loss of radio contact – loss of signal (LOS) – with ATV-4 will occur at about 13:05CET.

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GO for reentry and last big boost

Mission director Mike Steinkopf sent this update from ATV-CC: We just finished our internal briefing: all ATV-4 systems are nominal and we are GO for reentry. A first deorbit boost DEO1 is planned at 08:35 GMT (09:35 CET) with a … Continue reading

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Re-entry video feed from ATV-CC ~12:30 CET start

Live video feed from ATV-CC, Toulouse, for today’s re-entry (scroll down to see our periodic blog updates). NOTE: This is a technical feed only, and audio may not always be present. We expect to start around 12:30 CET and run … Continue reading

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