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Shining light on ATV

Matt Quail asked us a question via Twitter to @esaoperations based on last week’s ATV fuel consumption article: @esaoperations do you need the yaw manoeuvres because the solar panels are fixed, and you need to be nose-to-Sun the whole time? … Continue reading

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ATV-4 re-entry animation

Many thanks to Vladimir Jankijevic, in Zurich, who sent in a neat animation made by stitching together the re-entry images we posted yesterday. Vladimir wrote: ESA’s fourth Automated Transfer Vehicle, Albert Einstein, burnt up on 2 November at 12:04 GMT … Continue reading

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ATV-4 reentry pictures

The ATV-4 reentry pictures arrived today and they are well worth the wait:

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ATV-4 reentry competition winners

After careful deliberation, we have chosen the winners for our re-entry competition: which ATV is seen in the film Gravity and what does the frog symbolise? Thanks to all for sending in your answers, we definitely enjoyed reading them and … Continue reading

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Empty ATV control room

For the first time since June nobody is ‘on console’ at the ATV Control Centre. An empty room can only mean the end of a mission. Congratulations ATV team!  

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ATV-4 mission complete!

The Albert Einstein mission came to and end at 13:04 CET! I just spoke with Mission Director Kris Capelle, who says that the entire ESA/CNES team here at ATV-CC are sad that the mission’s over, happy to have overseen such … Continue reading

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Expected loss of contact

Teams at ATV-CC forecast that loss of radio contact – loss of signal (LOS) – with ATV-4 will occur at about 13:05CET.

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GO for reentry and last big boost

Mission director Mike Steinkopf sent this update from ATV-CC: We just finished our internal briefing: all ATV-4 systems are nominal and we are GO for reentry. A first deorbit boost DEO1 is planned at 08:35 GMT (09:35 CET) with a … Continue reading

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Re-entry video feed from ATV-CC ~12:30 CET start

Live video feed from ATV-CC, Toulouse, for today’s re-entry (scroll down to see our periodic blog updates). NOTE: This is a technical feed only, and audio may not always be present. We expect to start around 12:30 CET and run … Continue reading

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Rendezvous with a phantom space station

I just chatted with ESA’s ATV-4 Mission Manager Alberto Novelli and got an update on tomorrow’s re-entry – specifically the plans to watch Albert Einstein re-enter live from the ISS. The aim is to line up ATV-4 underneath the ISS to … Continue reading

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