The Albert Einstein mission came to and end at 13:04 CET!

ATV-CC during ATV-4 reentry Credit: ESA

ATV-CC during ATV-4 re-entry Credit: ESA

I just spoke with Mission Director Kris Capelle, who says that the entire ESA/CNES team here at ATV-CC are sad that the mission’s over, happy to have overseen such a successful mission and looking forward to a pause in the pace before getting back to work on ATV-5.

In the end, the video feed from the ISS was interesting but not as impressive as we had hoped. Astro Luca on board the station says that the crew had a ‘spectacular view’, so there’s a good chance we’ll get some imagery later (which we’ll post here!).

For more details, read the full ESA report via the web.