A few months ago France’s space agency CNES held a competition to make YouTube videos on space. The winners win a parabolic flight to record a video in microgravity!

The winners

In the category Fiction:

Category documentary:

ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet comments: “Well done to Sense of Wonder and AstronoGeek! You will soon get a taste of weightlessness as I am lucky enough to experience on the ISS and I am sure it will be an unforgettable experience. Thanks to all who took part and spreading the word on human spaceflight and exploration, you made me very happy!”

Special mentions

Only 10 year’s old this participant is too young for the parabolic flight but deserves a special mention. Thomas writes: “I would like to congratulate Charlyne for her video, but also her Russian language skills. Continue to be fascinated by space, it is very rewarding!”

Here is the full playlist:

More in French: