Watch the docking of ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet, NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson and Russian commander Oleg Novitsky to the International Space Station on 19 November at 22:02 GMT (23:02 CET). Coverage starts half an hour earlier, just click the video below at the right time.

This page will be updated with video streams to watch all elements of the launch and docking live. Here is the schedule of events (add one hour for Central European Time):

  • Launch: 20:20:13 GMT 17 November
  • Soyuz separation: 20:28:58 GMT 17 November
  • Docking: 22:00:36 GMT 19 November
  • Hatch opening: 00:15 GMT 20 November

Docking coverage will be from 21:30–22:10 GMT 19 November and the opening of the hatch and welcome ceremony is from 23:45–01:10 GMT.

To watch the launch and docking with French audio go to France’s space agency CNES’ website.

Thomas, Peggy and Oleg will spend six months in space working and living on the International Space Station.

Follow the whole mission with live updates via the Proxima mission blog and on Twitter via @esaspaceflight in English and @CNES in French. Connect with Thomas at