The practice of recording monthly drone footage of Europe’s Spaceport, showing the future Ariane 6 launch site, continues for the month of April 2019. The footage below shows how progress is being made on the the construction site that will become the Ariane 6 launch complex — the last home of Ariane 6 before liftoff.

The mobile gantry frame is completed, and walls are in the process of being supplied onto the frame. The water tower is completed; the finished structure is capable of storing 2,600 cubic metres of water. During a launch, 740 cubic metres — that is, 740 thousand litres — are dumped in less than 40 seconds to feed the three deluge systems of the launch zone: one on the launch table, one in the pit launcher, and one in the jet deflector. The maximum flow of 50 cubic metres per second is reached at the time of take-off and maintained for 6 seconds.

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