We are at J-1, i.e. the day before the planned launch of the BepiColombo satellite that will be en route to Mercury. The three-satellite-stack is under the fairing of the Ariane 5 launcher, now on its way to the launch pad. The big door of the Final Assembly Building was pulled up around 09:45 this morning. When I arrived at the viewing site at 10:30, strategically placing myself opposite the building,  a crowd was already starting to gather to watch the event. Roll-outs hardly ever take start on the dot so there was plenty of time to socialise and greet members of the BepiColombo team as well as colleagues from the spaceport.

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Ariane 5, with the BepiColombo logo visible at the top, ready to carry the mission into space

Charlotte Beskow

Head of the ESA Space Transportation Office in Kourou