Have you received an invite to #SocialSpaceWA at New Norcia on 10/11 February?

After a very detailed ranking of all the applicants last week – yes, the number of followers you have does matter, as does the level of activity in your SocMed account(s) – we mailed out invitations to the top applicants on Friday.

At the same time, we also issued a waitlist notice to many (in fact, most) of those who are a bit further down the list.

There are only a limited number of seats, so, if you’ve gotten an invitation, it is vital that you confirm your acceptance within Monday, 1 February, at 12:00 CET by return mail to contactsocialspace@gmail.com.

If you don’t confirm, we’ll assume you can’t make it and we’ll allocate your seat to one of the waitlisted applicants.

We are looking forward to seeing you at #SocialSpaceWA! The programme is shaping up to be an excellent experience with lots of behind-the-scenes stuff at one of the world’s most sophisticated tracking stations used for deep space!