A very happy update today to our earlier post announcing Angie Kanellopoulou (@akanel)’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to Tweetups – we’ve gone multilanguage!

More precisely, you’ve gone multilanguage, as the IT, FR, DE, NL, ES, and GR versions were translated by some of our community’s most keen tweeps. Many thanks to Angie for overseeing this project, and super-duper space thanks to the volunteer translators:

  1. Italian: @amoroso – Paolo Amoroso
  2. French: @Brigitte_Ba – Brigitte Bailleul
  3. German: @starlingLX – Alex von Eckartsberg
  4. Dutch: @justbe74 – Joachim Baptist
  5. Spanish: @wicho – Javier Pedreira
  6. Greek: @jkanel – John Kanel

You guys officially ROCK! 🙂

How to access

Individual links via SlideShare.net (PDF)

  1. EN – English
  2. FR – French
  3. DE – German
  4. IT – Italian
  5. GR – Greek
  6. NL – Dutch
  7. ES – Spanish