Martin Zell is responsible for European science exploitation and utilisation on the ISS.

  • Research outside the ISS: long-term radiation monitoring
  • Inside: ESA’s Columbus lab has been in use now for several years
  • Results: ESA has completed ~220 investigations to date on the ISS
  • Some experiments run for years before concluding!
  • Topics range from biology and bio-technology to earth/space, human research and education
  • “We do very well considering we only have 8% of the ISS”

Human research – targets future long-term voyages in space and how space science can assist earth diagnoses and cures

  • Cardio, vascular, physiology

Fluids research

  • Nano properties of fuels and liquids; sea water

Materials research

  • Casting of metals, turbine blades, metallic foams

… and much more