Frankfurt to Sydney in under 2 hours

A new application of space technology for point-to-point travel on earth. Leading to 5 to 10 daily flights worldwide on super-long-haul routes!

Ultra-fast passenger transport for the future – volume production would lead to dramatic decrease in production costs; the technology can also deliver satellites into orbit.

ILA TweetupMartin says they are trying to develop this within certain constraints:

  • No exotic technologies
  • Fully reusable vehicle; two-stage to orbit (TSTO)
  • Vertical take off preferred over horizontal (therefore, using rocket fuel!)
  • Safety and passenger environment comparable to commercial aviation

Flight profile: 7-8 mins of thrust, then glide back to destination. Passengers board in horizontal configuration; then ‘push-back/push-up’ to vertical launch mode.

Technology needs 30 years to full implementation (ground infrastructure, landing pads, etc.).