Ulrike Friedrich (DLR)

Ulrike is project manager for DLR parabolic flights (ESA operates a similar campaign).

(Shows picture of happy person in flight) “This is a picture of a very happy woman – she’s a scientist, from the Technical University Darmstadt, in a parabolic flight…”

  • Flights offer 22 seconds of microgravity
  • 31 parabolas per flight in three or four to five day campaigns
  • Uses the 40-year-old Airbus “Zero-G” – in very good condition!
  • In comparison, sounding rockets offer 6-12 mins, while drop towers offer 4-9 seconds (payloads can also go onto satellites, ISS or Chinese station).

Research areas include:

  • Fundamental physics
  • Materials
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Combustion
  • Human physiology, diagnosis, therapy
  • Gravity, radiation

+ much more!