Herewith, we are happy to present a detailed listing of where/how you can follow the DLR/ESA SpaceTweetup via social media and general web on Sunday, 18 September.

First, thanks to Andrea at DLR for the detailed listing of social media channels covering German Aerospace Day. She listed several, but the ones most relevant for the DLR/ESA SpaceTweetup include:

(More details – in German – here)

Now over to ESA SoMe activities…

Web streams. There will be two webcasts produced by ESA on Sunday, 18 Sep from Cologne. The SpaceTweetup webcast (in English), from inside the tent, can be seen right here in the blog. It will run from approx. 11:00 until the end of the day, about 18:00, which some short pauses possible.

The second webcast will be produced from the European Astronaut Centre, which is located just across the street from the Tweetup tent, and will run from 11:00 until about 17:30. It will be recorded primarily in German, and will highlight the programme within EAC as part of German Aerospace Day. You can access it via the main ESA web site.

Real-time social media

To access the SM channels being updated by the ESA team, you should follow any of these:



* SpaceTweetup attendee list (follow this to see all tweets by all attendees)
* ESA list (follow this to see all tweets by all ESA accounts)


Other languages

Several other Twitter channels will be updated by ESA team members, including: @danielscuka, @andreasschepers, @space_intern, @jlconst, @ericarolfe



Friends of ESA


General infomation


If you notice any errors in this list, or find a channel we should add, post a comment below right here in the blog and we’ll post an update.

See you on Sunday!