Just in from ATV Control Centre, ATV-5 is ready for its final tasks and undocking on Saturday. All the air, water and fuel that it took with it from Earth has been transferred to the International Space Station. By weight the spaceraft is leaving with almost as much Station waste as it had in dry cargo when it arrived in August. The trash that Georges Lemaître will take with it has been loaded and balanced to keep its centre of mass known. Details below:

General Status

·      All cargo loaded and balanced
·      Standard steep reentry on 15 February,  instead of shallow reentry
·      ATV-CC nominal.
·      Ready for final tasks and undocking/reentry

·       Dry cargo : initial 2695 kg, all bags transferred to ISS
·       Water : 843kg, transfer done
·       Oxygen (2 tanks) & Air (1 tank): initial 100kg,  transfers done
·       Propellant : initial 4357kg, 1667kg used so far
·       Refuelling propellant : 860kg, transfer done
·       Accepted trash : 2147kg
·       Accepted liquid trash : 353 liters