Update: deadline is set for when ATV-4 reenters our atmosphere Saturday ~noon GMT. For people who cannot see Gravity yet: guess! (Hint: it is not the answer most people are giving.) 

The film Gravity features a short role for our very own ATV spacecraft. This is not the first time ATV has ‘starred’ in a Hollywood movie; the spacecraft’s acting career was launched by Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Of course ATV has also featured in many other videos including documentaries, educational videos, music videos (more music videos…) and newsclips.

Scene from Gravity. Credits: Warner Bros

Scene from Gravity. Credits: Warner Bros

So, while we wait for ATV Albert Einstein’s reentry this Saturday, another film-based competition is in order:

Which ATV appears in the film Gravity? Was it ATV-1, 2, 3, 4 or 5?

Enter your answer in the comments of this blog post including a short description of what you think the frog (seen at the end of the film) symbolises?

Naming the correct ATV spacecraft and supplying the best/funniest answer to the second question will earn you an official ATV rucksack. We have goodies for two runners up, too!

Editor’s note: This competition is unofficial and not coordinated with the producers of Gravity. We do not endorse this nor any other film, but it’s pretty darn entertaining! See the science behind Gravity.