This sent in earlier this afternoon by ESA’s Mike Steinkopf at ATV-CC:

Yesterday, in the late afternoon, the last remaining uploaded water was transferred to the ISS. Crew emptied ATV water tank No. 3 by performing a water transfer into 4 EDVs (Russian water containers; 22 litres each; total 84 liters).

After emptying the ATV No. 3 water tank, a Bladder Integrity Check was performed in order to ensure that this tank can be filled again with liquid waste (pumped over from the ISS) in the near future. Note this was done already for the other two ATV tanks. This means that from now on, all ATV water tanks can be used for liquid waste filling.

Presently, Tank No. 1 is already filled with 196.7 liters of liquid waste and for MCI (Mass Centre and Inertia) and CoG (Center of Gravity) reasons this tank will be filled first before ATV tank No. 3 will be used.

Next liquid transfer (of another 3 EDVs; about 66 liters) into tank No. 1 is planned for this Wednesday.