Earlier, Mark Benson in the UK posted a question via Twitter:

We passed this query to ESA’s ATV cargo expert Kirsten MacDonell, who replied:

None of the food on ATV is perishable on a short-term scale. There are no fresh fruit or vegetables on board because the cargo loading is performed about 15 working days before launch and about one full month before docking (barring no malfunctions that delay docking even more), which is too long to keep food fresh.

All the food launched on ATV has a shelf life but it’s similar to the dried goods, canned food and boxed food that the average person eats at home. There are things like nuts and granola bars that do not need any special processing and are ‘off-the-shelf’ items; there is also rehydratable fruit such as strawberries (just add water), irradiated food such as enchiladas and thermo-stabilized meals that require reheating before consumption.