The team at University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia, have been involved in tracking ATV missions since the first ATV back in 2008. Their location on the flight path is between Perth and Awarua (New Zealand).

Marc Lavenant sent in this update:

Tonight, we are currently just ending the last rehearsal before the launch. It is 3AM here, and we will now wait until the actual launch, scheduled to occur at 7h22AM (local Adelaide time). A long night for us! 

Aldeleide team tracking Ariane 5 & ATV-4 Credit: UniSA

Three people involved in the Ariane5/ATV4 tracking (from left to right): Hidayat Soetiyono (University of South Australia), Pierre Letapissier (CNES), Marc Lavenant (University of South Australia)

Read more via their site and here’s a report from the ATV blog in 2011. Located at the Institute for Telecommunications Research (ITR), at the University of South Australia (UniSA), Mawson Lakes campus, 12 km north of Adelaide, the tracking station has a 3m steerable antenna operating in the S-band frequency range. The facility is operated and owned by the institute (ITR), which is part of the University of South Australia (UniSA). 

Thanks guys, and best wishes!