Here’s the correct answer to Tuesday’s 2nd question in our Mission Quiz (“In which blockbuster Hollywood movie did a desktop model of ATV recently appear? “) courtesy of our keen-eyed ATV blog co-editor Julien Harrod, who first spotted this magnificent scene with ATV in…

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Herewith, we’re delighted to present the results of judging of the submissions sent in via Twitter and the blog!

Congratulations to the winner, Michel Derretiere, with the the first, best response:


Le film, c’est Transformers 3. On voit aussi Ariane 5. Les 2 sont sur le bureau d’un ingenieur de la NASA. Je ne me rappelle plus exactement, mais la scene se passe dans la premiere partie du film. Le jour de gloire cinematographique de l’ATV 😉

Michel earns bonus points for mentioning that Ariane 5 – ATV’s launcher – also appears in the scene.

As Julien confirms, ATV features around the 36-minute mark in a scene where a NASA official gets assassinated…

Runner-up congratulations to @katorthoma, who tweeted:

And while we can’t exactly show you a clip from the movie where ATV appears (Believe me, we tried! – Ed), there’s a screenshot available via Wikipedia (scroll down to the end of the article).

Sincere thanks to all who took part!