Here’s the correct answer to yesterday’s first question in our Mission Quiz (“Name the two European sources of the two different types of H2O that ATV transports to the ISS“) courtesy of the ATV Cargo specialists:

  1. For American water, we use the Pian Della mussa source that is a lighter water with a mountain source
  2. For the Russian water, we use the Regina Margherita source that is close to Turin (Grugliasco/Collegno) and contains more natural minerals.

Here an abstract (in Italian, only):

L’acqua destinata agli astronauti è la stessa che bevono i cittadini torinesi solo che quella inviata agli americani è estratta dal Pian della Mussa e raccolta dalla centrale di Venaria, ed è quindi un’acqua montana molto leggera. Quella dei russi proviene invece da pozzi dal contenuto minerale naturale situati nei pressi di Collegno.

Details (also in Italian) via SlideShare


Herewith, we’re delighted to present the results of judging of the submissions sent in via Twitter and the blog! (Note that our judges felt that it was important to be a fully accurate as possible in the answer…)

Congratulations to the winner, Georg Balmer, with the the first, best response:

Posted in ATV blog 15:58 15.04 by Georg Balmer

The water that ATV delivers to the ISS is delivered by the “Società Metropolinata Acque Torino”, the Metropolitan Water Company of Torino, and comes from two different sources near the Italian city of Torino: spring water from “Pian della Mussa”, meeting the American standards, and water with higher mineral content, as required by the Russian standard, from wells in the region of Collegno.

And the No. 2 runner-up:

Tweeted 10:19 16.04

@esaoperations #missionquiz Pian della Mussa and pozzi Regina Margherita, both near Torino!…

The No. 3 & 4 submissions were timely, but weren’t as fully accurate:

Tweeted 16:33 15.04

@diegou #missionquiz Pian della Mussa mountains& western Turin metropolitan district

Tweeted 16:36 15.04

@esaoperations Pian della Mussa (US Water) & Turin Tap Water (Russian Water) – both provided by Thales Alenia Space #missionquiz

Congratulations to all who took part!


In view of the rather good quality over all, we’d like to invite all four of you to send us a postal mailing address and we’ll dispatch some fabulous ATV swag prizes!

Thanks to every one who answered!