While you’re busy working on the ATV reboost homework questions posted by Rhett Allain (reminder: there are prizes!) – or if you’re looking for, uhmmm, a somewhat less challenging challenge – here is Question 1 in this week’s fabulous ATV-4 Mission Quiz (we’ll post three questions this week). Thanks to the team at EAC and especially ATV training specialist Lionel Ferra for the inspiration!

View showing the gas & water delivery control panel mounted inside ATV and accessible to the crew.

View showing the gas & water delivery control panel mounted inside ATV and accessible to the crew.

First, the intro crescendo…

And here’s Question 1:

Name the two European sources
of the two different types of H2O that
ATV transports to the ISS

Hint: Both sources may be near the same city…

Got answers? Post your best guess here in the blog or tweet via Twitter (use #missionquiz hashtag) before 12:00 CEST Tuesday, 16 April.

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