Several of you have asked for the deborbit burn timings; these are the two deorbit burns that ATV will carry out in the night of 2/3 October in order to trigger its controlled destructive descent through the atmosphere over a remote, uninhabited region of the South Pacific.

2 October

  • DEO1 Start: 21:42:35 UT | 23:42:35 CEST Duration: 13:58 min 60.79 m/s

3 October

  • DEO2 Start: 00:44:04 UT | 02:44:04 CEST Duration: 15:04 min 66.9 m/s 

After DEO2, Edoardo Amaldi will begin a destructive descent, with impact estimated at 01:28:31 UT | 03:28:31.

As of 14:00 CEST today, ATV was orbiting in a slightly elliptical orbit at an altitude of 395.99 X 411.49 km.