Update from Daniel Firre at ATV-CC:

Exciting day today with such a big and complex reboost, involving two separate burns and switching tanks!

ATV fires its rocket engines for reboosting ISS to higher orbit

The second boost was just completed, nominally, with a measured delta-V  (change in velocity) of 4.9 m/s, which makes a total delta-V of 5.8 m/s for today’s ATV propulsive support to ISS.

According to a preliminary update from the NASA navigation team, we have set a new ISS record here today, given that the entire ISS orbit is above 400 km altitude for the first time (perigee at 405km and apogee at 427 km)!

Of course, nothing comes for free; the fuel cost for today’s double boost was close to 800kg, burned in 40 minutes of thruster firing!

Now it looks even further below…