ESA’s Mike Steinkopf at ATV-CC has just sent in a note reporting on the (final) air transfer from ATV-3 to the ISS. The transfer ran overnight and finished early this morning as most of us were struggling to find the ‘snooze’ button on our alarm clocks:

The air transfer started on Thursday, 26 April, at 23:15 CEST and finished Friday, 27 April, at 06:00 CEST. This is the last air transfer from ATV-3 Gas Tank No. 1, and it basically has emptied the ATV gas tank.

The estimated transfer mass was 4.3 kg, resulting in an increase in the ISS internal air pressure of 3.2 mm Hg.

The remaining gas in ATV Gas Tanks No. 2 & 3 is is 33kg (each) of O2 to be transferred to ISS in the near future.