A quick forecast of on-orbit activities for ATV-3 this week and into the weekend.

Operations forecast week 23-28 April

  • 23 April: Free drift for Russian vehicle thruster test (ATV solar arrays will be ‘feathered’)
  • 24 April: Regular ATV cargo operations
  • 25 April: Reboost manoeuvre No. 2
  • 26 April: ‘Inflate the Station’ – gas transfer No. 3 (empty ATV’s air tank)
  • 25/26 April: Regular ATV cargo operations
  • 27 April: 28S undocking (ATV solar arrays feathered)
  • 27 April: Regular ATV cargo operations
  • 28 April: Reboost manoeuvre No. alternate slot (if needed)

And a quick overview of cargo transferred so far during the ATV-3 mission

  • Cargo status: 63% transferred
  • Accepted trash: 241kg so far
  • Air status: Remain 5.5kg (84% transferred)
  • Oxygen (O2) status: No transfer so far
  • Water: 66 liters (23%) transferred so far
  • Refuelling: No transfer so far
  • Propellant status (ATV’s own fuel): around 1073 kg used, around 3035 kg available for ISS reboost & attitude control