Quick update from ESA Mission Director Jean-Michel Bois on the reboost manoeuvre this evening:

  • Reboost manoeuvre No. 1: 19:06 – 19:21 GMT; targeting 2.2 m/second ISS velocity increase (‘delta-V’)
  • Two of ATV’s thrusters will be used (as usual, never all four at the same time)
  • ISS attitude control will be performed by the station (not by ATV this time, although that will be done in another boost, later)
  • ISS computers will control the ATV thrusters (this was already tested on 31 March); ISS computers under load and monitored by MCC-M (Moscow)
  • ATV-CC will configure all other subsystems of Edoardo Amaldi and monitor the ATV propulsion subsystem during the boost

ESA Mission Directors Emilio De Pasquale and Mike Steinkopf will be on console — working closely with a full CNES mission operations team, of course!

Jean-Michel also sent the following updated list of planned ATV activities (assume all times UTC/GMT):

  • 6 April: Gas Transfer #01 at 12:30-15:10 (Air / Line 1 / duration = 2 hrs / 13.5 kg)
  • 9 April: Water Transfer at 09:25-11:25
  • 19 April: Gas Transfer #02 at 13:00-16:45
  • 25 April: Reboost manoeuvre #02 @ 12:07 GMT delta-V = 2.8m/s
  • 4 May: Reboost manoeuvre #03 @ 08:41 GMT delta-V = 2.5m/s