ESA’s Charlotte Beskow, at ATV-CC, has sent in a detailed update on today’s hatch closing.

ATV2 undocking – 1 day, reentry – 2 days

ISS astronaut Alexander Samokutyaev conducted the ATV egress operations.

12:05 GMT/14:05 CEST

Crew have entered the ATV and have started the departure preparations. This includes removal of essential items that can be used on ISS (fire extinguisher and breathing masks) and useful items as well as any remaining cargo. Crew checks that all download cargo is secured properly and then they set certain valves in the proper position to allow safe departure and re-entry.

ATV Hatch

What got closed: the ATV hatch seen in the ATV mock-up at ESA’s EAC/Cologne

~15:00 GMT/17:00 CEST

All items that will serve as spare parts for the ISS have been dismounted.

15:09 GMT/17:09 CEST

ATV pyrovalves have been deblocked. This is important since they are a final, certain, backup option to allow the ATV to separate from the ISS in case (for some highly unlikely reason) we have difficulties in conducting a normal separation. As long as ATV is attached, no other vehicle can use the docking port – and ATV’s presence also blocks the main thruster of the Russian Service Module.

15:34 GMT/17:34 CEST

ATV hatch closed

15:54 GMT/17:54 CEST

ISS hatch closed

16:50 GMT/18:50 CEST

Leak check starts

17:30 GMT/19:30 CEST

Crew confirms at 17:30 that everything’s OK With leak check.

So, this concludes today’s work! Johannes Kepler is ready to leave the ISS (and we are ready for dinner!)

More news will follow

– Charlotte